Why is the way a female politician dresses news?

Women in elected office, worldwide, are always judged more harshly for their appearance. This kind of news has no place in a democracy. See how the mayor of Dayton, Ohio responded to news coverage about her looks. We used to believe that ignoring this type of criticism, taking the higher road, was the way to go. New research shows that when women call out sexist coverage they gain respect and change the impact of appearance-based commentary.

Talking points for fighting sexist coverage:

  • What I wear is not news.
  • Internet musings related to my appearance is not news and random irrelevant remarks posted on a Facebook page should not be the focus of mainstream news reporting.
  • What is and should be news is our focus on… (insert agenda here, pivot back to the message YOU want to convey). I am focused on the serious work of…(go back to YOUR MESSAGE).
  • Sexist attacks about makeup and wardrobes — attacks on what I am wearing rather than what I am thinking — have no place in the media.