A picture says a 1000 word

I was thrilled to learn that Sheryl Sanberg is teaming up with Getty Images to improve the stock photography of women,which is horribly limiting and stereotpyical. Getty is the largest supplier of photography in the world, and if women are pictured mostly as caregivers and sexy women in suits, what does this say about the way society views their role and contributions? The new library of photos shows professional women as surgeons, painters, bakers, soldiers and hunters.

Just yesterday I was finishing a focus group script in a developing country to test voter attitudes toward women candidates for a campaign on increasing women´s participation in politics. When it came to finding images to test of local women, the options were extremely limiting and based on stereotypes, and mostly based on women as sex objects.

When we change the images of women, we shape the expectations. Sometimes in life, you have to see it to believe it.