Gender Gap Analysis

My colleague Stephanie Berger (partner and co-founder of RISE,) and myself were guest speakers at the European Association of Political Consultant’s Annual conference in May, presenting on “Women Rule! Or do they? Campaign strategies to ensure greater representation.

DOWNLOAD: US Gender Gap and Women’s Global Particiaption, RISE

What’s included:

Up-to-date information and analysis of the women’s vote in the US Presidential election as well as global strategies to increase women’s political participation based on my recent work on projects to spur grassroots pushback and systemic reform for women in politics.


  • Analysis of gender and the Presidential election in the US. There has never been a presidential election where women’s issues have been so prominent on both sides of the aisle. Three out of every five advertising dollars (58 percent) spent by Clinton reference women’s rights, gender equality or equal pay. Why is this? How may it play out for advocates and for the campaigns?
  • Strategies to support women candidates based on our experience working with women candidates.
  • Gender gap in voting and creative ways it is being addressed with the Anti Trump ad, “Real quotes from Donald Trump”–7c,
  • Evidence-based research to work between elections to address inequality and soften the ground for women candidates
  • Testing of implicit and explicit bias against women in politics in Ukraine
  • Male allies research for Syrian women’s inclusion
  • Czech Republic media monitoring accumulating in an annual sexist ad of the year campaign
  • Nigeria’s Violence Against Women in Elections campaign

I am tracking the women’s vote in the US and will be updating new and exciting examples of global pushback strategies for women in politics in all the interesting places I have the honor of working! So be sure to check back for more…