US Presidential Election Snapshot

US campaigns – love em, or hate em? More importantly, learn from them! donkey-and-el

Campaign strategies and tactics in the United States are the most advanced in the world. But let’s be real, there’s plenty to dislike about American politics—the massive amounts of money, the never-ending campaign, negative campaigning. Yet, no one would question the sophistication of American political advertising, campaign organization, voter motivation, or data management. Will this sophistication result in electing an extreme, populist, narcissistic, misogynistic President, or someone who is arguably one of the most qualified candidates to run in modern history, who also happens to also be a woman?

We will have that answer in about seven weeks!

Global implications

This election could not be more important for the future direction of the US, not to mention the significant global implications and uncertainty to arise from a Trump presidency. It goes without saying this election is important to me personally with the strong potential of electing the first woman to office, something I dedicate much of my life’s passion toward achieving.

What’s really going on with the election?

Between working with Syrian women on leadership development, frequent trips to Georgia this fall to work with women candidates, and helping develop sophistication with insurgent western European political parties, I have partnered with the oh so charming and politically astute Jim Arkedis to help European parties see the US campaigns at work this fall through high-quality election delegation study trips in October and November. Get ready to follow me across Ohio and Virginia to see canvassing and GOTV up close.

I will write more soon about the gender gap, sexism in this election, and tactics of the political organizations and advocacy organizations that are fighting back, as well as what Hillary and the DNC are doing to make being a woman an advantage, not a negative in this election. So hold on, I have a whole lot of things to say on this massive topic, but first, let’s start with the big picture snapshot of the election as a whole.


Download the presentation here, us-presidential-election-overview

I am happy to do a Skype briefing or in-person meeting (for those of you in Europe) if you want to talk more in-depth about the campaign strategies and tools that you can utilize in your own campaign efforts, or you are just curious about what to make of the US election, and importantly, what to watch for before November 8! Drop me a line at if we can be a resource for you, or just to tell me what you think – what are you paying attention to in terms of campaign tactics, what motivates or persuades you? We would love to hear your thoughts!