Through Kristina Wilfore’s broad network, Karakoyun Strategies has built a team of international development, campaign and training experts in order to cover a wide geographic span of countries and services. We provide tailored support based on your needs. Contact us for a free consultation to determine which team member is most suitable for your project. 


Kate Head

Kate supports international NGOs, foreign governments and private sector organizations around the world through the development of tailored strategic communication and advocacy plans, knowledge management, organizational learning tools, effective internet and mobile application platforms, and evidenced-based research. Country Experience: Afghanistan, Albania, Aruba, Belarus, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Cambodia, Egypt, Hungary, Iraq, Jordan, Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan, Liberia, Malawi, Moldova, Montenegro, Nigeria, Pakistan, Russian Federation, Slovakia, South Africa, South Sudan, Tajikistan, Ukraine, USA, West Bank & Gaza. Check out her “Cases in Places” platform where she shares her experience and perspectives.


Marijana Kovacevic

Mirjana is a former elected official and political activist who has been engaged in political and public policy campaigns in Serbia and internationally for almost 20 years. Mirjana is an expert in the development and implementation of training programs on campaign techniques, advocacy and capacity building and has trained extensively politicians, candidates, elected officials, and civil society activists in Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Iraq, Egypt, Sierra Leone, Tunisia, Afghanistan, Fiji, Libya, and DR Congo. She was born in Yugoslavia, grew up in Serbia and since 2008 lives in Santiago de Chile.


Jim Arkedis

Jim, CEO of Arkedis Strategies, has 15 years’ experience bridging the gap between politics and international relations. Arkedis has worked for political clients in Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and North Africa and focused on party organization, communications, and voter motivation. Separately in the United States, Arkedis is the president of 4D PAC, a political organization that supports progressive candidates with smart, strong approaches to U.S. foreign policy. He co-authored Political Mercenaries, a non-fiction account of the growth of role of money in American politics. It was published by Palgrave MacMillan in October 2014. He has been published by The New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Politico, The Atlantic, and many others, and appears regularly to discuss foreign policy and politics on MSNBC and CNN. He is fluent in French. Jim is the force behind the “Put Us First” campaign to bring attention to Trump’s conflicts of interest. Jim and Kristina partnered on US-European campaign study trips during the recent US Presidential campaign.


Elizabeth Reiter Dettmer

Liz is a civil society capacity development specialist with more than ten years dedicated to working in countries throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, Middle East and North Africa and Haiti. Her work with civil society organizations includes leadership, gender and ethics facilitation, implementing widespread information campaigns, and strenthening internal capacity to manage operations and plan strategically for the future. Elizabeth has worked primarily in democracy and governance, with experience in education and other development sectors. She is a fluent French speaker and is Principal of MainSpring International.


Stephanie Berger

Stephanie is a political and advocacy fundraising and development expert. She has led successful strategies for numerous political candidates and advocacy organizations, helping to elect hundreds of public officials nationwide, and elevate public awareness of leading progressive issues such as education and the environment in the US and internationally. She provides clients with comprehensive yet precise strategies for how to most effectively increase their financial capital and raise public awareness for their cause. Stephanie is co-founder of  Berger – Hirschberg Strategies and RISE. She serves as an adjunct professor at George Washington University for the Semester in Washington Program, is President of the Board of Directors of the Yale Women’s Campaign School, and board member of Harlem’s IMPACT Repertory Theatre.