Karakoyun Strategies provides consultation and support to the development of communication strategies for advocacy and branding of NGOs, as well as individual leaders and organizations working in the political sphere. Through a keen sense of social movements, Karakoyun Strategies is able to assess complicated political systems and provide on-the-ground ground experience in international development from the implementation side.

Kristina Wilfore´s experience abroad is enhanced by serving as a practitioner for many years, as a leader of one of the most effective CSOs in the United States where she worked on issues of economic empowerment, racial equality, labor rights, reproductive choice, and judicial and election reform. Kristina is able to translate her social movement experience in the American context to an international environment. Working with a consultant who has a deep understanding of how CSOs can be most effective in channeling young, grassroots energy into real and sustainable organizations is a strength of Karakoyun Strategies.