Social movements must be connected to elections. Elections are a prime opportunity for activists to engage in shaping agendas that can set the tone of an entire movement.

Political parties are the gatekeepers to democracy. It takes a strategic vision and training for parties to be effective. Only through the development of policy platforms, messages that resonate with voters, field-based outreach, and the organization of youth and women, can parties be truly effective in building a strong and successful base that stays in place, election after election, year after year.

Consultation Services and Training Includes:
  • Consultation for candidates and policy parties on election strategy and development of their core team
  • Election environmental assessment and analysis
  • Political party development
  • Party-based youth and women’s outreach
  • Voter outreach and mobilization strategies
  • Use of technology and grassroots tools in election campaigns
  • Push back strategies to improve undemocratic election laws
  • Support for high-level international election delegations
  • Design of political party election fraud prevention strategies
  • Oversight of statistically-based observation

“I had the pleasure to meet and work with Kristina who gave me and the party personal help with implementing a first-time ever member-based telephone campaign in Finland. She was of tremendous help to me, spurring me to get started and always trying to find the best solutions to make things work.” – Annika Jannson

SFP phone banking
First-ever campaign phone bank in all of Finland!