The Karakoyun Strategies team has trained and mentored a large numbers of political and civic activists to advocate for change. Their experience in policy development and legislative advocacy — from gay rights to economic justice and immigration reform — gives them unique and varied issue-campaign experience.

Social Movement Building

Advocacy campaigns should be multi-layered, and built over time through a strategic planning process. Karakoyun Strategies advocates innovative approaches, particularly utilizing technology to allow better two-way communication, as a key foundation for success. Civic activism and grassroots organizing must start with public opinion research aimed at persuasion to guide and direct contact with citizens. Movements are better built and maintained with civic and political linkages, in the long run.

Kristina has worked with a wide variety of political parties and civic groups, both individually and in coalitions. She is exceptionally familiar with the numerous ways in which the interests of these two groups can intersect in different parts of the political lifecycle, including organizational growth, electoral campaigns and advocacy campaigns.

Karakoyun Strategies is available to train on a wide variety of grassroots organizing topics.

“As a communication trainer for one of our NGO partners, Kristina put the team’s perspective at the center her work in order to connect with it and guide it not only in restructuring communication but also in analyzing the broader picture of organization’s management and functioning. Being an outstanding professional, Kristina is not afraid of challenges and truly cares about the organization she works with. In our case this resulted in a change of organization’s attitude towards its external communication. Such behavioral change is hard to achieve – harder than developing communication plans and strategies. Kristina’s comprehensive approach, correct analysis of organization’s needs, well-planned and well-performed on-sight trainings and to-the-point online consultations made this behavioral change happen”.  – PACT