Campaigns / Political Party Development 
  • Back to the Basics: Campaign Planning in Six Easy Steps
  • Don’t Knock on My Door: Why Traditional Methods of Voter Contact Really Works and How to Overcome Your Fears about Field Based Campaigns
  • Watch What You Say: How to Win the Message War in Campaigns
  • Research and Targeting 101
  • Political Party Strategic Planning
  • Building Standards for Democratic Parties
  • Putting the Social into your Social Media Campaign
  • I’m a Candidate, Now What? How to Prepare a Winning Campaign
  • Protecting Your Vote: Ways to Prepare for and Combat Fraud at the Ballot Box
  • Islam on the Campaign Trail: Strategies for Developing Party Ideology in an Islamic Context
Women’s Political Participation 


Watch my presentation at the European Association for Political Consultants on the topic of women’s global participation, as voters and change makers.

Grassroots Activism and Social Media
  • What´s Your Issue? How to Organize and Win Advocacy Campaigns No Matter How Unpopular the Topic
  • Economic Justice Campaigns: Making Kitchen Table Concerns Voting Issues
  • Defending LGBT Rights: Lessons Learned from the Fight for Marriage Equality in the United States
  • Tools for Grassroots Outreach: How to build public support for your cause
  • Communication Strategies: Traditional to social media and everything in-between
Referenda Campaigns
  • Direct Democracy or Direct Disaster? Harnessing the Power of Referenda
  • 10 Steps to Winning at the Ballot
  • Coalitions for Victory: Attracting Endorsements & Supporting Organizations
  • Money, Money, Money: Finding the Necessary Campaign Resources

cspan CPALecture on state grassroots campaign victories for the Center for Policy Alternatives in Washington, DC