Kristina has served on the Board of Directors of the International Women of Istanbul (IWI) as Social Responsibility Coordinator for the last three years where she directed donations to women and children’s welfare organizations in Turkey.

The International Women of Istanbul is a social organization that brings together international women of all ages and cultures in Istanbul. We have over 600 members representing 56 different countries. We have members who have been with the IWI for over 40 years and our newest members who have been in Istanbul less than a month. Some of our members are long-term residents of Istanbul and some of our members are here for a short or medium term posting.

Recent Articles and Publications 

Turkey and Charitable Giving Trends, Lale Article

Istanbul is a city that can be all consuming. It is easy to swing a pendulum, getting lost in the day-to-day shuffle of work, family and kids, or on the other side, simply enjoying the sites and sounds of a city that never truly slows down. As foreigners we are not voting in Turkey. We may be contributing significantly to the economy through our consumption of goods, and the purchase of yet another beautiful pashmina, but it is not the same as paying taxes as a citizen, growing a local business, putting your kids through public school or consciously contributing to a charity of choice. Which begs the question, in what ways can we as guests of this country truly contribute to the health and development of Turkey? Read our Lale article on Charitable Giving to find out more.

Career Opportunities in the NGO Space

Turkey hosts a wide variety of non-profit civil society organizations, mostly in the areas of environmental protection, women´s rights, health and refugee institutions. IWI Charity Coordinator, Kristina Wilfore, recently spoke about about civil society in Istanbul more broadly as well as IWI supported opportunities within the diverse and value-added nonprofit sector of Turkey at an IPWIN event on “Career Options in the NGO Space – A Mutually Beneficial Relationship” The presentation from this discussion can be accessed here.

Breast Cancer Prevention Advocacy Campaigns

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women. One out of eight women is diagnosed with breast cancer annually and 143,000 deaths occur each year in Europe as a result. With the reality of cancer is grim, efforts to address this as a health care crisis have substantially changed attitudes, approaches and outcomes for women who face the disease. Read our Lale article about what Europa Donna (an IWI grantee) is doing to reach a younger generation with breast cancer awareness and learn more about breast cancer advocacy in Muslim countries, with a toolkit for action.