Karakoyun Strategies is an international political consulting firm specializing in grassroots organizing, campaigns and elections, strategic communications and women’s political participation. Through a team of experts, we offer the full range of international development support services, including survey research, gender mainstreaming, and monitoring and evaluation.


Clients include NGOs, international development organizations, elected officials, candidates, women’s organizations, thinkers, doers, and anyone who wants to move change forward.

Geographic concentration

Karakoyun Strategies’ founder has over 20 years experience working in 24 countries across the globe, with a special emphasis in Europe, Eurasia and the Middle East and parts of Africa in hotspots such as Syrian, Ukraine, Israel, Turkey, Kosovo, Serbia, Kenya, Nigeria and Afghanistan.

Global linkages

We believe in being smarter about what we know from country to country, campaign to campaign and in that spirit chaired founder 2015 European Association of Political Consultant´s conference to create a mutual exchange of information, experience and support for cooperation and understanding beyond all borders to promote the democracy, and was recently elected to the board of the International Association of Political Consultants.


RISE: Results, Integrity, Strategy, Empowerment

Karakoyun Strategies is working in partnership with Stephanie Berger on RISE – a new project to help organizations and individuals fundraise more effectively. We provide advice, support and training to NGOs, philanthropic organizations and political and community leaders in the Middle East and Europe on strategies to bring more resources to projects.