Countries thrive and political systems are more functional when the full participation of women is realized. Working across the globe Karakoyun Strategies is trying to ensure that women have a seat at the table, focusing in particular on building their political skills and capacity in a culturally relevant context.

Watch my presentation at the European Association for Political Consultants on the topic of women’s global participation, as voters and change makers.

What Change is Needed for Women?

Karakoyun believes in a layered approach to create an enabling atmosphere to advance women’s political participation, by: 1) creating internal and external incentives for political parties to consider gender; 2) advancing a national dialogue to highlight international commitments on gender; 3) encouraging cooperation among women elected officials and civic groups to support multi-layered strategies on gender policies and attitudes toward women in public life; and 4) generating a more inclusive conversation using public opinion research-based messaging to increase the demand for change at the grassroots level.
Kristina’s work was acknowledged in the development of ODIHR’s guide – the “Handbook on Promoting Women’s Participation in Political Parties” which aims to encourage political party leaders, men and women alike, to support the integration of gender aspects into internal political party decision-making processes. It also seeks to develop the capacity of women politicians to advance their political careers.

Consultation and Training Services Include:
  • Candidate training
  • Gender equity advocacy campaigns
  • Public opinion research to address barriers to women’s participation
  • Formation and support to Parliamentarian women caucuses
  • NGO development
  • Political party development
  • Electoral reform for gender inclusion
Global Initiatives Led by Karakoyun Strategies
  • Polling, message development and candidate training provided to increase women’s political participation in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Libya, Albania, Kosovo, Georgia, Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus
  • Gender advisor to Syrian women’s civil society development
  • Gender and political advisor for a conference represented by 15 countries on Women’s Leadership in Central and Eastern Europe and Eurasia, sponsored by NDI and ODIHR
  • Advisor to KADER, the top women’s political organization in Turkey on women’s inclusion, gender equality legislation, communication’s campaigns and their work for women in politics
  • International consultant for the 2015 Girl(s) 20 Summit, moderator for the development of G20 communiqué
  • Personal advisor and coach for a former ambassador and high profile women running for office in Western Europe
  • Media advisor to a TV and grassroots campaign for quotas in Ukraine
  • Author of toolkits on women’s political participation and grassroots organizing for gender equality
  • Director of donations for women and children’s welfare organizations in Turkey, as well as coordinator of pro bono support to charities within the field of women’s economic development, girl’s leadership and Syrian refugees for the International Women of Istanbul